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Gear Fit Navigation

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This application displays Google Navigation instructions on your Samsung Gear Fit 1 smartwatch. (Not compatible with Gear Fit2!)Note: - Supports horizontal and vertical layout- Additional to the text it shows icons for left, right, continue, highway exit and u-turn.- Option to vibrate- This application only works on devices which have Gear Fit Manager.
How to use:- Install Gear Fit Manager and connect with your Gear Fit device.- Download and install this Gear Fit Navigation app.- Start Gear Fit Navigation app on your phone.- Allow the app to read notifications. (Go to: Settings > Security > Notification Access and enable Gear Fit Navigation). Then restart the app.- Start Google Maps Navigation and messages and direction icon will be pushed to your smartwatch.
Troubleshooting- If the app still only shows the "waiting" message, please ensure that maps notifications are activated and displayed on your phone (Go to: Settings > More > Applications > Maps and enable "Show notifications").- Restart smartphone AND Gear Fit- Uninstall and reinstall the app
For non-samsung smartphone users: Gear Fit officially only works with Samsung smartphones. However GearFitManager version 1.108 works as well on phones as with this app, so we recommend to use version 1.108 if you have problems.